(It’s Not) Over

Suicide: the word that makes us Lebanese people feel uncomfortable. It’s the word that we refuse to accept. it’s the word that we avoid discussions about. It’s the word that we willingly do not acknowledge because it is considered to be a taboo. Lucky for you, I’m going to be doing all these today. Due […]

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Her Voice Was Once Strong

Her voice was once strong The conversations she had were long She used to talk about her struggles About the pain she felt from different angles But now her voice is disappearing And her motivation is fading She can no longer hear her thoughts So she watches as her imagination rots Wasting all of her […]

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“Grow up.” “You’re so immature.” “You have the mentality of a five year old.” “I wasn’t like that when I was your age.” “This attitude of yours is why this generation is so messed up.” The list goes on. We’ve all had these so-called ‘lectures’. Society creates false expectations of what every person should think […]

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Humans are known for their liveliness. They spread joy and life wherever they go. Their smiles brighten up rooms. Their laughs shake towers. Their positivity makes everything look beautiful and pure. Children are brought into this world believing that it is only filled with good. They think that what surrounds them is impeccable and that […]

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Humans have different qualities that separate them for others. One of these qualities is the ability to withstand pressure and stress. What many people fail to understand is this essential difference. This quality needs years in order to attain, but many tend to assume that those around them have it naturally. When people are born, […]

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