It’s Really Not a Phase

It’s not fair. It’s not fair that I should barely have time to write. It’s not fair that I should spend hours studying for subjects that I couldn’t care less about simply because I want to hold a diploma in the end. It’s not fair that I can’t express myself in any way, shape, or […]

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Her Beautiful Lie

When she saw his face for the first time, she swore that her heart had skipped a beat. His dark eyes reflected the bright light in the room that united the two, leaving a crisp contrast in them. His curls swayed ever so gracefully on his forehead with every step that he took. Time seemed […]

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Back When Things Were Real

I miss the days when things were real. I miss the days when people’s laughs were genuine and when we could believe everything we hear. I miss the days when the only pain we felt was from scraping our legs on the pavement after running for hours. I miss the days when all we had […]

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My Fallback

It is currently the first month of 2019: the year that I will graduate in; the year that I will finally study what I truly want; the year that I get my driver’s license. This is the year that has so many things in store for me. Why can’t I be excited about that. I’ve […]

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(It’s Not) Over

Suicide: the word that makes us Lebanese people feel uncomfortable. It’s the word that we refuse to accept. it’s the word that we avoid discussions about. It’s the word that we willingly do not acknowledge because it is considered to be a taboo. Lucky for you, I’m going to be doing all these today. Due […]

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